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Hello! A little blurb about how "The Shropshire Toyshop" began.......

My little shop began as a small market stall called "From Me To You xx" selling ethically sourced gifts and while sourcing my gifts I came across these talented artisans with their fabulous toys.

I was searching for a way to help children in need. When I came across an article about these talented artisans who made toys to help improve their lifestyle and the lives of their families, I felt that I wanted to do my bit.

The Shropshire Toyshop is an independent online shop selling ethical, natural, organic, eco-friendly and Fair Trade products all chosen from socially responsible companies who try to make a difference, everything has been ethically sourced, no child labour, no exploitation good working conditions and fair pay.

With the arrival of my Grandchildren it soon became apparent that I would start down another path- ethically made quality baby clothes, Organic cotton is not only softer against the delicate skin of baby, its hypo-allergenic and therefore unlikely to cause irritation or allergies, its better for the enviroment with no chemicals used, no GMO's and also better for the farmers and their families in the production.

Organic Cotton clothing can seem more expensive but its not in the long run as in its production it's 98% less polluting than normal production, which is brilliant for all of us but also the extra costs go towards investment in the fair treatment of people, in the help towards protecting our planet for future generations, organic cotton is also more durable so will last longer than normal cotton due to the fact that it's not been treated or bleached.

Soft, Gentle and Pure perfect for my Grandchildren.

So welcome to my little shop! 

All of the companies that I work with are Socially Responsible, they are either Fair-trade or Fairly Traded but most of all they make quality products which are ethically and sustainably made, whilst still being able to give back to the environment.

Goki have built ten schools up to date in third world countries, while Legler donate to Medicin Sans Frontier. Best Years toys are ethically sourced, Under the Nile, Pebbles, Organic and fairtrade.

All toys are CE tested and EN71 Tested.

I am constantly searching for socially responsible companies to provide me with more toys and gifts and baby clothing.


I strongly believe that we are all custodians of our planet and should do our best to help in any small way that we can, so buying my toys off companies that strive to help others is a very important factor in my shop.

My toys are colourful, tactile, long lasting, toys for life!

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All the crochet toys are handmade by lovely artisans in Bangladesh, the Ragdolls are from Sri Lanka. the companies who employ these artisans, not only look after them, fairly pay them, but also build preschools for their children, and has helped to build a girls home for girls aged from 3yrs to 18yrs. Hopefully this goes a small way to improve the working environment for all.

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